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КаталогОбучение и сертификация специалистовПодразделАвторизованные курсы "Академии Информационных Систем"
Курс SG001. In the StoneGate Management Center (SMC) course, the student will learn the basics of the StoneGate platform including the SMC Components (StoneGate Management Server, StoneGate Log Server and StoneGate Web Portal Server), and the graphical interfaces (Management Client).
Upon completing the SMC course, the student will know what the SMC components are and what the role of each component is when centrally managing StoneGate Firewall/VPN and IPS products, as well as how the components communicate with each other.
  The student will also know how to navigate in the graphical user interface and perform common tasks, such as creating and modifying elements and security policies, monitoring traffic, viewing logs, creating reports, checking element status, creating new administrator roles, creating alerts chains and policies, etc. Finally, the student will be able to use the SMC both for daily administrative purposes and for more advanced administration tasks.
Цена: 13'200.00 руб.

[ Курсы ]
Код / Артикл НаименованиеЦена
SG001• Обучение по курсу "StoneGate Management Center" - 1 день13'200.00 руб.
SG002Обучение по курсу "StoneGate Firewall/VPN" - 2 дня22'200.00 руб.
SG003Обучение по курсу "StoneGate IPS" - 2 дня22'200.00 руб.
SG004Обучение по курсу "StoneGate SSL VPN Fundamentals and Implementation" - 2 дня22'200.00 руб.

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