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КаталогОбучение и сертификация специалистовПодразделАвторизованные курсы "Академии Информационных Систем"
Курс SG004. In this course, StoneGate SSL VPN, the student will learn the basics of SSL VPN, including where and when SSL VPN communication should be used. StoneGate SSL VPN course is a two-day introduction to the world of SSL VPN and it will give the students an overview of all the major features of StoneGate SSL VPN.
Upon completion StoneGate SSL VPN course, student should know the basic StoneGate SSL VPN and be able to configure and implement secure resource access via StoneGate SSL VPN access point using user authentication. Student should understand the principles of dialoguing with the GUI and know how to configure and create the elements (users, user storages, web- and tunnel resources, tunnel sets, access rules etc.) necessary for setting the SSL VPN to function according to the access policy to be applied.
  Student should also understand the role of SSL VPN product and be able to explain different deployment options for SSL VPN installations. Student should know the different ways to enable user authentication using proprietary StoneGate Authentication methods or external authentication services. Finally student should be able to locate and read SSL VPN logs and alerts. Student should also be able to monitor the StoneGate SSL VPN system status, manage logs and run basic reports on SSL VPN activity using Administration Console.
Цена: 22'200.00 руб.

[ Курсы ]
Код / Артикл НаименованиеЦена
SG001Обучение по курсу "StoneGate Management Center" - 1 день13'200.00 руб.
SG002Обучение по курсу "StoneGate Firewall/VPN" - 2 дня22'200.00 руб.
SG003Обучение по курсу "StoneGate IPS" - 2 дня22'200.00 руб.
SG004• Обучение по курсу "StoneGate SSL VPN Fundamentals and Implementation" - 2 дня22'200.00 руб.

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