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Академия Информационных Систем -> StoneGate Firewall/VPN

StoneGate Firewall/VPN

Код курса SG002, 2 дня


Авторизованный курс компании StoneSoft


StoneGate firewall/VPN course introduces the StoneGate firewall features including also the advanced high availability features such as firewall and VPN gateway traffic.

Course Goals

Upon completing the StoneGate Firewall/VPN course, the student should understand the problems caused by network devices/components being a single point of failure and explain how StoneGate solves those problems. The student should be able to install and administer a StoneGate firewall cluster and explain how load balancing works in the cluster. S/he should be able to implement routing and use StoneGate Multi-Link technology for outbound and inbound traffic.

In addition, s/he should be able to explain how the packets are inspected and configure access and NAT rules. The student should also know how and when to use the protocol agents and how to configure deep inspection to inspect the packets above the network and transport layers.

S/he should also know how to configure site-to-site VPN tunnels between security gateways with multiple endpoint IP addresses and configure the gateway for mobile VPN tunnels. Finally, the student should know how to give priorities to certain type of traffic and guarantee or limit the bandwidth with the Quality of Service methods provided inStoneGate firewall.

Course Objectives

Upon completing StoneGate Firewall/VPN course, student is able to:

  • Install and configure a StoneGate firewall cluster
  • Configure routing with and without Multi-Link
  • Create access and NAT rules
  • Configure customized protocol agents
  • Configure deep inspection for HTTP and HTTPS traffic
  • Create Multi-Link and clustered VPN tunnels
  • Configure VPN client
  • Configure Quality of Service

Программа курса

Day 1
• StoneGate Clustering Technology
LAB 1: StoneGate Management Center
LAB 2: StoneGate Firewall Cluster Installation
• Routing and Anti-Spoofing
LAB 3: Configuring Basic Routing
• Security policies and NAT
LAB 4: Working with Policies
• StoneGate Multi-Link Technology
LAB 5: Configuring Multi-Link Routing
LAB 6: Multi-Link Technology
Day 2
• StoneGate VPN
LAB 7: Multi-Link VPN
• StoneGate User Management
• StoneGate IPsec VPN Client
LAB 8: VPN Client
• Packet Inspection in Upper Layers
LAB 9: Protocol Agents, Services and Deep Inspection
• Quality of Service in StoneGate
LAB 10: Quality of Service
Certification Exam: StoneGate Firewall Architect (SGFWA)

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