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Академия Информационных Систем -> StoneGate IPS v.5.0

StoneGate IPS v.5.0

Код курса SG003, 2 дня


Авторизованный курс компании StoneSoft


In the StoneGate IPS course the student will learn the basics of network attacks, intrusion detection and prevention, including where and why network sensors and analyzers are used. StoneGate IPS course will provide a two-day introduction to the world of intrusion detection and it will give the students an overview of all the major features of StoneGate IPS.


Upon completing the StoneGate IPS course, the student should be able to install a StoneGate IPS and be able to explain different deployment options for IDS/IPS installations. The student should be able to correlate network events between IDS/IPS and firewall logs. The student should also be able to manage incident situations and customize the IPS policies. Finally, the student should be able to monitor the information generated by the StoneGate components and use the incident management and IPS to react to non-wanted traffic in the network.

Программа курса

Day 1

  • Introduction to Intrusion Prevention
  • Introduction to StoneGate IPS LAB 1: StoneGate Management Center installation LAB 2: IDS and Inline IPS Definition and Installation
  • StoneGate IPS Policies
  • LAB 3: System Policy Installation LAB 4: Fine-Tuning IPS policies

Day 2

  • Sensor Inspection Methods LAB 5: Creating Custom Situations
  • Analyzer Correlation Methods LAB 6: Using Correlation Situations
  • Incident Management LAB 7: Using Incident Management Tools LAB 8: Hold the fort

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